Matrix smart cabinet- Electronic lockers

Electronic Key Control System

How do you control your keys?

Do you know who took a key?

When, and for what purpose?




MATRIX is a world leading supplier of premium key control systems which provides full control of your keys and assets.


With our electronic key management system, controlling your keys has never been easier – you will be able to decide who has access to each key and receive real-time data regarding who took what, when and for which purpose.


MATRIX key management systems offers the highest level of security to your assets as each key is secured in a sealed compartment and every transaction is captured by a dedicated video camera.


No more searching for lost keys, no more wasting time tracking keys – MATRIX give you 100% key control with maximum key protection.


Join thousands of satisfied customers around the world!

4 reasons why MATRIX is the best choice:


     MATRIX provides the highest security level

  • Physical key management system that protects each key in a separate locked compartment with no ability to access without manager permissions
  • Automatic video capture of every use. Video reports can be viewed at the click of a button




       MATRIX gives you more key storage in less space

  • Store and control all your keys in a single cabinet (up to 1,784 keys)
  • Compact units take less space than others on the market, yet store hundreds of more keys





      Get more value for you money

  • Secure and manage license plates, tools and expensive devices

Lisence plate drawer




     MATRIX maximizes your control over your keys

  • Limit system access to working hours only
  • Limit the number of keys that a user can hold at one time
  • Deny users access when their driving license has expired
  • Require users to report reason for checking out a key
  • Determine due date of each key
  • Send alerts to the user and manager when a key hasn’t been returned on time
  • Allow users to report parking location
  • Send alerts and start the camera if a drawer has been forced open
  • Control from a remote location

Special features

  • Voice Guidance

    Voice guidance assistance for easy use


  • Check our reason

    Force users to report the reason for checking out an item

  • Driver license validation

    Deny access to vehicle keys when driver license expired

  • Limit duration use

    Receive notification when a user did not return an item at the time set

  • DMS integration

    With most DMS suppliers for smoother operation

  • Alarm System

    Internal alarm system which activates whenever irregular activity takes place

  • Automatic alerts

    Receive alerts according to scenarios you set

  • Video Documentation

    Video record of every operation made available at any time


Our Models




    32│48│96 Keys


    Increase by adding Add-on units


    Type: Wall mounted

    Dimensions: 27.5x20x4.3 inches (70x51x11cm)

    Weight: 66 ILS (30 kg)

    System Layout

  • Frame


    66│99│198 Keys


    Increase by adding Add-on units


    Type: Wall mounted

    Dimensions: 39.8x26x3.5 inches (100x66x10cm)

    Weight: 79 ILS (36 kg)

    System Layout

  • Compact


    96│192│288│384 Keys


    Increase by adding Add-on units


    Type: Desktop

    Dimensions: 33x29x22 inches (84x74x56cm)

    Weight: up to 320 ILS (145 kg)

    System Layout




    1188│1386│1584│1782 Keys


    Increase by adding Add-on units


    Type: Floor standing

    Dimensions: 45.3x57.1x27.6 inches (115.1x145x70cm)

    Weight: 450-1100 ILS (200-500 kg)

    System Layout

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