Matrix smart cabinet- Electronic lockers

Company Regulation

MATRIX is a world leading manufacturer of innovative key and assets management systems.
Each of our system is tailor made to fit our clients requirements according to the highest quality control and in accordance to international standards.
We would like to express our strong commitment to the products and services we supply – when you own a MATRIX you gain a partner for life!
MATRIX general regulation:
Ordering on line – our on-line payment page is qualified PCI-DSS (Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard ) standard to protect your data.
Shipping – Delivery time may vary from time to time but we are committed to supply your order within the time frame that was mentioned in the quote you received! If delivery
time do not appear in the quote, a time frame of 8 weeks is set as general delivery date. In spite our efforts delays may occur from time to time due to circumstances beyond our control.
Warranty – We supply one year warranty for all our products. The warranty terms and conditions are listed under MATRIX LINITED WARRANTY link
Return policy – We allow clients to return system within 30 days from delivery subjected to our Return Policy.
Privacy policy – are specified in the following link