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For Military and Defense, MATRIX provides 3 leading solutions:


Smart Locker for visitors’ personal objects

When you require visitors to your facility to turn in their personal belongings, such as phones, guns and laptops, you become responsible for their safe keeping. The MATRIX Smart Locker is a secure self-deposit system that is easy for your visitors to use without your input.
By using biometric or visitor’s proximity tag, they can secure their private belongings in a dedicated compartment for the duration of their stay and without the use of mechanical keys which tend to get lost.

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Key Management system

When you’re dealing with hundreds of keys, each of which unlocks a vehicle worth thousands of dollars, control and security are your top concerns.
The MATRIX Key Management System gives you full control over who has access to your keys, in a state-of-the-art secure unit.
Each key is secured in a sealed compartment and can only be accessed by passing an identification process, either through biometrics, access control card or password, giving you the highest level of security.
You decide who is authorized to access each key and receive real-time data about who has taken what, when and for what purpose
Every transaction with your MATRIX unit is automatically registered and even captured by a dedicated video camera.
The ULTRA model is the world’s largest capacity unit, allowing you to secure and manage all your keys in one smart cabinet.

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Guns and security gear storage

The MATRIX Weapons Store can be used to securely store guns, radios and other security gear.
Items are stored in individual, locked compartments and you determine who can access each one and when. To gain access, the user must pass an identification process, either through biometrics, proximity tag or password, so you can be certain who has taken what, when and for what purpose.

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