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Property Management

Your clients trust you with the keys to their most valuable asset – their home.

When you’re responsible for your clients’ property, you can’t afford to take any chances with their keys.
Handling hundreds of keys and making sure that your staff can access them when they need them is a huge undertaking – that’s why you need a MATRIX Key Control System.


Unlike other systems, where anyone who opens the front door can steal or duplicate any key in the cabinet, MATRIX protects each key in a separate locked compartment with no ability to access without manager permissions.


Authorized personnel are identified by the system either via biometrics, proximity tags or password and every interaction with the system is captured by a dedicated video camera.


Each person may only take the key that they are authorized to take. You receive real-time data about who took what, when and for which purpose so you know where each key is at any given time.


In order to Increase customer satisfaction and sense of assurance, you can set the MATRIX to send email alert each time their key has checked out from the cabinet providing data of who took it and why.




  • Securely and conveniently store all your property keys in a single cabinet (up to 1,780 keys in the world’s largest capacity unit)


  • Determine which staff has access to each properties key and during what hours


  • Require users to report the reason for taking a key


  • Send alerts to the manager if a key is not returned on time


  • Keep records and view video footage of every interaction made


  • Increase customer’s satisfaction and sense of assurance by providing real time notification their key has been checked out

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